Key Remapper 1.13
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Key Remapper 1.13

Replaces one key (or mouse button) with another
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Remaps keys, mouse wheel rotation, and even mouse button presses. Also, it can virtually change the functions of any keys, like swapping the Right Shift and Enter keys. Another utility is that it can disable mouse buttons and the mouse wheel rotation. It is not harmful to your operating system as it will not alter the registry.

Key Remapper allows remapping not only your keyboard but also mouse buttons and wheel actions. Fortunately, this tool is as unobtrusive as it should be: it runs from the System Tray, from where you can access its main window and some other functions. Likewise, by hovering over its icon there you can get information as to the profile currently being used. It is also good that the program can be launched automatically with system boot.

Key Remapper’s main window is quite Spartan without any adornments and can be accessed with a single click on its icon. Luckily, the program lets you create various profiles, which you can switch depending on your needs. This way, you can use different mappings for different programs. In this respect, a profile is composed of sets of key replacements. It is good that you can create as many profiles as you deem necessary. What is more, you can fork a new profile from any existing one, which saves a lot of time and effort.

To help you understand what key remapping is about: for example, you can reprogram the G in your keyboard, in such a way that it is actually reported as an F when it is pressed. The same is possible for mouse buttons and wheel actions. As it may happen that you are trying to emulate a specific key because it is broken, it is quite convenient that there is alternative. In this regard, instead of pressing the key, you can just pick it from a dropdown list. The sets of key replacements are conveniently arranged in a tree fashion and even folders are supported as an extra way to organize them. Opportunely, you can disable specific sets or folders within a profile.

Fortunately, you do not need to open the main window. For instance, you can right click on the System Tray to open the main window, access options or pause the program. Likewise, it lets you switch to a different profile. In this respect, I would have liked the active profile to be shown and switched the same way you change between keyboard languages.

In general, Key Remapper may come in handy when some of your keyboard keys or mouse buttons are physically damaged. Moreover, it also lets you use more ergonomic sets of keys that adapt to specific programs or games. Good news is that the product can be tried without cost whatsoever.

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  • Remaps not only keys but mouse button and wheel actions as well
  • Allows creating various profiles
  • Key replacement sets logically arranged
  • Can be paused from the System Tray
  • Does not alter the registry’s scan codes


  • Switching between profiles could be made more intuitive


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